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Welcome Message from our General Chair & Program Chair

Opening messages from General Chair, Stéphane Régnier and Program Chair, Wolfram Burgard - Welcome to ICRA 2020 !

RAS Society Awards

ICRA'20 Conference Awards

European Robotics Projects

Horizon 2020 Framework program has been the biggest European Research and Innovation program ever. Cécile Huet, Deputy Head of "Robotics and AI" Unit for the European Commission, has been much involved on the Research programs of EU since many years.

Jean-Paul Laumond - Geometry of Robot Motion: from the Rolling Car to the Rolling Man

Chaired by Raja Chatila

Yann LeCun - Self-Supervised Learning & World Models

Chaired by Wolfram Burgard

Lydia Kavraki - Planning in Robotics and Beyond

Chaired by Stéphane Régnier

Plenary Panel - COVID-19 : How Roboticist Can Help ?

Chaired by Wolfram Burgard

Hajime Asama - Robot Technology for Super Resilience : Remote Technology for Response to Disasters, Accidents, and Pandemic

Chaired by Sinan Haliyo

Kerstin Dautenhahn - Human-Centred Social Robotics: Autonomy, Trust and Interaction Challenges

Chaired by Mohamed Chetouani

Allison Okamura - Haptics for Humans in a Physically Distanced World

Chaired by Sinan Haliyo

Jaeheung Park - Compliant Whole-body Control for Real-World Interactions

Chaired by Raja Chatila

Cordelia Schmid - Automatic Video Understanding

Chaired by Wolfram Burgard

Cyrill Stachniss - Robots in the Fields: Directions Towards Sustainable Crop Production

Chaired by Torsten Kröger

Toby Walsh - How long before Killer Robots?

Chaired by Raja Chatila

Workshop on Social Robotics for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Workshop on Human-Swarm Interaction

Workshop Beyond Soft Robotics: Pioneer Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Workshop on Emerging Learning and Algorithmic Methods for Data Association in Robotics

Workshop on Long-Term Human Motion Prediction

Live Project Demo: Memmo

Live Project Demo: ReconCell

Live Project Demo: COVR

Live Project Demo: Robot Union

Live Project Demo: RobMoSys


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