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European Robotics Projects

H2020 Program

2020 is the closing year of the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Framework program. It has been the biggest European Research and Innovation program ever, with nearly €80 billion in funding made available over a seven-year period from 2014 to 2020.

Robotics was particularly active in H2020 scope with €2.8 billion of funding: the largest civilian program in robotics worldwide! Cécile Huet, Deputy Head of "Robotics and AIUnit for the European Commission, has shared with us a few words on the program and her insights.

The majority of these successful projects are present at ICRA'20 Virtual, visit our Research Showcase.

They are also eager to chat of their works; links below will take you to their slack channels.

Discover more about European Robotics : 

Live Project Streams - Straight from the Labs

We have organized Live Project Presentations with real-time demos and more ! Watch on Big Screen or on IEEE.TV with Q&A.

ReconCell project's goal was to develop a widely autonomous robotic workcell allows very short, self-adaptable and affordable changeovers under the conditions demanded and based on end-user needs. This was achieved with the collaboration of the consortium's partners, ranging from SMEs, research institutions and partners from the robotics industry. Tuesday,
June 9
COVR is short for "being safe around collaborative and versatile robots in shared spaces". Our mission is to significantly reduce the complexity in safety assessing robots. Tuesday,
June 9
RobotUnion will discover, support and fund 20 European Superstar Scaleups confirmed by top VC investors and global corporates of 4 new market domains for robotics: manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and civil infrastructure. Wednesday,
June 10
RobMoSys drives the application of model-driven methods and tools on robotic platforms managing the interfaces between different robotics-related domains in a systematic way Thursday,
June 11
Memmo investigates combining machine learning and optimal control for complex robots with legs and arms in industrial and medical scenarios. We will demonstrate recent advances in torque control and model preview control with the humanoid Talos in PAL-Robotics (Spain) Friday,
June 12


Featured H2020 EU Projects

This is a complete list of H2020 participants as of 2020. Most projects address one or more of these 4 main areas: Healthcare, Inspection and maintenance of infrastructure, Agriculture-food, Agile production.

Each project is featured on slack, go and chat with them by clicking their titles.

  • Adapt: Assistive Devices For Empowering Disabled People Through Robotic Technologies
  • Aerial-Core: Aerial Cognitive Integrated Multi-Task Robotic System With Extended Operation Range And Safety
  • Aeroarms: Aerial Robotic System Integrating Multiple Arms And Advanced Manipulation For Inspection And Maintenance
  • Aeroworks: Collaborative Aerial Workers
  • Airborne: Aerial Robotic Technologies For Professional Search And Rescue
  • Badger: Robot For Autonomous Underground Trenchless Operations, Mapping And Navigation
  • Centauro: Robust Mobility And Dexterous Manipulation In Disaster Response By Fullbody Telepresence In A Centaur-Like Robot
  • Co4Robots: Achieving Complex Collaborative Missions Via Decentralized Control And Coordination Of Interacting Robots
  • Cogimon: Cognitive Interaction In Motion
  • Covr: Being Safe Around Collaborative And Versatile Robots In Shared Spaces
  • Crowdbot: Safe Navigation Of Robots In Dense Human Crowds
  • Cyberlegs++: The Cybernetic Lower-Limb Cognitive Ortho-Prosthesis Plus Plus
  • Dream4Cars: Dream-Like Simulation Abilities For Automated Cars
  • Esmera: European Smes Robotics Applications
  • Eureyecase: Use Case For European Robotics In Ophthalmologic Micro−Surgery
  • Fabulos: Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation Systems
  • Hephaestus: Highly Automated Physical Achievements And Performances Using Cable Robots Unique Systems
  • Hyfliers: Hybrid Flying-Rolling With-Snake-Arm Robot For Contact Inspection
  • Imagine: Robots Understanding Their Actions By Imagining Their Effects
  • Inbots: Inclusive Robotics For A Better Society (Inbots)
  • Memmo: Memory Of Motion
  • Mummer: Multimodal Mall Entertainment Robot
  • Murab: Mri And Ultrasound Robotic Assisted Biopsy
  • Myki: A Bidirectional Myokinetic Implanted Interface For Natural Control Of Artificial Limbs
  • Reconcell: A Reconfigurable Robot Workcell For Fast Set-Up Of Automated Assembly Processes In Smes
  • Robmosys: Composable Models And Software For Robotics Systems
  • Robocom++: Rethinking Robotics For The Robot Companion Of The Future
  • Robotunion: Stimulate Scaleups To Develop Novel And Challenging Technology And Systems Applicable To New Markets For Robotic Solutions
  • Rockeu2: Robotics Coordination Action For Europe Two
  • Ropod: Ultra-Flat, Ultra-Flexible, Cost-Effective Robotic Pods To Handle Legacy In Logistics
  • Rosin: Ros-Industrial Quality-Assured Robot Software Components
  • Saras: Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant Surgeon
  • Sciroc: European Robotics League Plus Smart Cities Robot Competitions
  • Secondhands: Secondhands: A Robot Assistant For Industrial Maintenance Tasks
  • Smartsurg: Smart Wearable Robotic Teleoperated Surgery
  • Smokebot: Mobile Robots With Novel Environmental Sensors For Inspection Of Disaster Sites With Low Visibility
  • Sweeper: Sweet Pepper Harvesting Robot
  • Terrinet: The European Robotics Research Infrastructure Network
  • Thing: Subterranean Haptic Investigator
  • Versatile: Innovative Robotic Applications For Highly Reconfigurable Production Lines
  • Xosoft: Soft Modular Biomimetic Exoskeleton To Assist People With Mobility Impairments

European Robotics Projects

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