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Arnold, Dirk V. Foundations of Real-Valued Evolutionary Algorithms   SSCI 2007
Boddy, Mark Beyond the Job-shop: Scheduling in the Real World   SSCI 2007
Bouzy, Bruno Old-fashioned Computer Go vs Monte-Carlo Go   SSCI 2007

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Dasgupta, Dipankar Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security   SSCI 2007
Ehrgott, Matthias Mathematical Programming Techniques in Multiobjective Optimization   SSCI 2007
Eberhart, Russell C. Particle Swarm Optimization   SSCI 2007
Gallagher, John C. Principles of Evolvable and Adaptive Hardware   SSCI 2007
Keller, Jim Soft Computing for Sensor and Algorithm Fusion   SSCI 2007
Lendaris, George Basics of DHP type Adaptive Critics / Approximate Dynamic Programming and Some Application Issues   SSCI 2007
Motomura, Y.; and Nishida, Y. Computational Intelligence in Everyday Life   SSCI 2007
Pfahringer, Bernhard Machine Learning with WEKA   SSCI 2007
Powell, Warren Approximate Dynamic Programming for High-Dimensional Problems   SSCI 2007
Rajapakse, Jagath C. Signal and Motif Detection in Genomic Sequences   SSCI 2007
Reynolds, Robert G. Cultural Algorithms: Knowledge-Driven Problem Solving in Social System   SSCI 2007
Reynolds, Robert G. Cultural Algorithms Tutorial System(CAT)   SSCI 2007
Szu, Harold Real World Applications: Unsupervised Learning   SSCI 2007
Stanley, Kenneth Practical Issues in Evolving Neural Network Controllers for Video Game Agents   SSCI 2007
Venayagamoorthy, Ganesh Advanced Computational Intelligence for Identification, Control and Optimization of Nonlinear Systems   SCCI 2007
Yap, Kim Hui Computational Intelligence in Media Indexing and Retrieval   SCCI 2007
Angelov, Plamen   WCCI 2006
Taylor, John   IJCNN 2006
Widrow, Bernard Lectures on Neural Networks         WCCI 2006
Baldi, Pierre Bioinformatics and Machine Learning: the Prediction of Protein Structures on a Genomic Scale   IJCNN 2005 
Cherkassky, Vladimir New Formulations for Predictive Learning   IJCNN 2005
Floreano, Dario Evolutionary Robotics   IJCNN 2005
Lewis, Frank Nonlinear Network Structures for Feedback Control   IJCNN 2005
Rosa, Joao Luis Garcia Biologically Plausible Artificial Neural Networks   IJCNN 2005
Srivastava, A.; Liu, X.; and Mio, W. Nonlinear Manifolds in Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis   IJCNN 2005
Suykens, Johan Support Vector Machines and Kernel Based Learning(1 slides/page)   IJCNN 2005
  Support Vector Machines and Kernel Based Learning(2 slides/page)   IJCNN 2005
  Support Vector Machines and Kernel Based Learning (4 slides/page)   IJCNN 2005
Szu, Harold Unsupervised Learning   IJCNN 2005
Tagliaferri, Roberto; and Staiano, Antonino Visualization of High Dimensional Scientific Data   IJCNN 2005
Tzanakou, Evangelia Micheli Feature extraction in Computational Intelligence   IJCNN 2005
Werbos, Paul J. Neural Networks That Actually Work In Diagnostics, Prediction & Control: Common Misconceptions Vs. Real-World Success   IJCNN 2005
Fogel, David B. Accelerating Problem Solving by Combining Machine Learning and Human Learning  


Horváth, Gábor Neural Networks for System Modeling   N/A
Keller, J.; and Popescu, M. Soft Computing in Bioinformatics   N/A
Pedrycz, Witold Foundations and Applications of Granular Computing   N/A
Petriu, Emil M. Neural Networks: Basics   N/A
  Neural Networks:Modeling Applications    
  Fuzzy Systems for Control Applications    
Yao, Xin A Gentle Introduction to Evolutionary Computation   N/A