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1) Young Engineers’ Networking

Tuesday, April 8, 2021
17:30–19:30 ShuJin Hall
Chair: He Tang, UESTC, China
Co-Chair: Qi Liu, Fudan University, China,
Co-Chair: John Dallesasse, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA,
Co-Chair: Patrick Fay, University of Notre Dame, USA,
Co-Chair: Shuji Ikeda, tei Solutions Inc, Japan

The “Young Engineers’ Networking” event is designed for young engineers and would-be engineers (e.g., students) to meet well-established engineers and to network with fellow young engineers. The “Young” and “Would-be” engineers will have a chance to directly interact with world famous professors, researchers and engineers in the Microelectronics, in an informal and friendly setting, to hear their successful experiences and to obtain valuable advices.

This Networking event is open to all participating young and would-be engineers onsite. Registration to EDTM2021 is not required for attending this networking event. Light refreshments will be provided.

2) Women-in-Engineering (CWiE) Summit

The IEEE Chapters and Women-in-Engineering (CWiE) Summit, will be held during EDTM2021, which will provide a forum for local IEEE volunteers and women students and professionals to meet together and share their experiences and ideas on education, research and career activities in area of microelectronics, and offer valuable mentorship opportunities.