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Information of EDTM 2021 Presentions

Oral Sessions

Paper ID Presenting Author Title Email
Session 1 (WE1P1)
WE1P1-1 Bruno Grandidier Pushing the Limit of Lithography for Patterning Two-Dimensional Lattices in III-V Semiconductor Quantum Wells
WE1P1-2 Xiaoming Xie Graphene Synthesis: From Single Crystalline Wafer to Edge Specific Nano-Ribbon
WE1P1-3 Jeehwan Kim Artificial Heterostructures Enabled by Remote Epitaxy
WE1P1-4 Yan Liu Non-Volatile FETs with Amorphous (Al2O3, HfO2, ZrO2, Etc.) Gate Insulators
WE1P1-5 Ilya Sychugov Silicon Nanocrystals: Fabrication, Physical Properties and Applications
Session 2 (WE1P2)
WE1P2-1 Muhammad A Alam Hot Carrier Degradation in Classical and Emerging Logic and Power Electronic Devices: Rethinking Reliability for Next-Generation Electronics
WE1P2-2 Li Lu Hot-Carrier-Induced Reliability Concerns for Lateral DMOS Transistors with Split-STI Structures
WE1P2-3 Qi Hu Identifying Relaxation and Random Telegraph Noises in Filamentary Analog RRAM for Neuromorphic Computing
WE1P2-4 Lindong Wu Nonlinear Weight Quantification for Mitigating Read Disturb Effect on Multilevel RRAM-Based Neural Network
WE1P2-5 Ephraim Suhir Predicted static fatigue lifetime of silica optical interconnects: application of Boltzmann-Arrhenius-Zhurkov (BAZ) model
Session 3 (WE1P3)
WE1P3-1 John Dallesasse Heterogeneous Integration for Silicon Photonic Systems: Challenges and Approaches
WE1P3-2 Lingyue Tan Effect of Leveler on Electrical Resistance and Microstructural of Electroplated Copper After Heat Treatment
WE1P3-3 Lishu Wu Heterogenous Integration of InP DHBT and Si CMOS by 30um Pitch Au-In Microbumps
WE1P3-4 Ziyu Liu Simulation of fast room-temperature bonding by mechanical interlock structure applied for 3D integration
WE1P3-5 Bang Ouyang Low Temperature Packaging for Ion-Sensitive Organic Field Effect Transistor
Session 4 (WE1P4)
WE1P4-1 Cheol Seong Hwang Ferroelectric field-effect transistors for the next-generation storage
WE1P4-2 Tuo-Hung Hou Toward Energy-efficient, Cost-effective, and Variation-aware In-memory Computing for Deep Learning Acceleration
WE1P4-3 Yu Cao Design Limits of In-Memory Computing: Beyond the Crossbar
WE1P4-4 Shuxian Lv Three-Orders Improvement of Endurance in Hafina Based MFS Capacitor Through CF4 Plasma Pre-Treatment
WE1P4-5 Yaotian Ling A RRAM Based Max-Pooling Scheme for Convolutional Neural Network
Session 5 (WE2P1)
WE2P1-1 David Horsley Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers for Range-Finding Applications
WE2P1-2 SungWoo Nam Biaxially-Stretchable Kirigami-Patterned Mesh Structures for Motion Artifact-Free Wearable Devices
WE2P1-3 M. Bulut Coskun Thermal Infrared Detector Sparse Array for NASA Planetary Applications
WE2P1-4 Nianying Wang Double-Deck Metal Solenoids 3D Integrated in Silicon Wafer for Kinetic Energy Harvester
WE2P1-5 Lei Wang A Novel Piston-Like Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Based on Mass Loading Effect
Session 6 (WE2P2)
WE2P2-1 Deji Akinwande Analog Switches Based on Boron Nitride Memristors for Application in 5G and Terahertz
WE2P2-2 Volker Sorger Photonic Machine Intelligence: Photonic Tensor Core and Nonvolatile Memories
WE2P2-3 Paul K. L. Yu Efficient Silicon Photonic Waveguide Switches for Chip-Scale Beam Steering Applications
WE2P2-4 Qianpeng Zhang A Design of Horizontal Perovskite Nanowire LED for Better Light Extraction
WE2P2-5 Anton Hlushchenko Loss Compensation Symmetry for TE Modes of Asymmetrical Optical Coupler with Gain and Loss
Session 7 (WE2P3)
WE2P3-1 Kosuke Nagashio All 2D Heterostructure Tunnel Field Effect Transistors
WE2P3-2 Iuliana Radu ALD Encapsulation of CVD WS2 for Stable and High-Performance FET Devices
WE2P3-3 Lain-Jong Li Epitaxial Growth of Single-Crystal Two-Dimensional Materials for Electronic Applications
WE2P3-4 Hao Qiu A Compact Model for Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Field Effect Transistors with Effects of Interface Traps
WE2P3-5 Zhihao Yu Reliability of Ultrathin High-k Dielectrics on 2D Semiconductors
Session 8 (WE2P4)
WE2P4-1 Thomas Mikolajick The Case for Ferroelectrics in Future Memory Devices
WE2P4-2 Plamen Asenov A Multiscale Statistical Evaluation of DRAM Variable Retention Time
WE2P4-3 Tecla Ghilardi 3D-NAND Cell Challenges to Enable High Density and High-Performance Devices
WE2P4-4 Xingsong Su Performance Boost of p-MOSFET with Al-Incorporated HfSiOx in DRAM Periphery Transistor Application
WE2P4-5 Yuta Aiba Cryogenic Operation of 3D Flash Memory for New Applications and Bit Cost Scaling with 6-Bit per Cell (HLC) and Beyond
Session 9 (TH1A1)
TH1A1-1 Walter Schwarzenbach Smart Cut SiC Substrates for Manufacturing of High Quality Power Devices
TH1A1-2 Shisheng Xiong Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers for Microelectronic Manufacturing
TH1A1-3 Xuanming Duan Nanolithography to Beat the Diffraction Limit Using Ultrafast Laser
Session 10 (TH1A2)
TH1A2-1 Zhenqiang Ma Flexible Semiconductor Device Technologies
TH1A2-2 Muhammad M. Hussain Personalized Medicinal Platform
TH1A2-3 Wenhui Fu Low-Voltage Synaptic Transistor Based on Polyvinylpyrrolidone Composite Electrolyte for Humidity Sensing
Session 11 (TH1A3)
TH1A3-1 Laura Bégon-Lours A BEOL Compatible, 2-Terminals, Ferroelectric Analog Non-Volatile Memory
TH1A3-2 Tianyi Liu A Novel Leaky-FeFET Based True Random Number Generator with Ultralow Hardware Cost for Neuromorphic Application
TH1A3-3 Caidie Cheng Hf1-xZrxO2 Based Bipolar Selector with High Uniformity and High Selectivity for Large-Scale Integration of Memristor Crossbars
Session 12 (TH1A4)
TH1A4-1 Daoxin Dai Silicon Nanophotonic Devices for On-chip Optical Modulation and Switching
TH1A4-2 Xiulai Xu Purcell effect and lasing from quantum dots in a topological photonic crystal nanocavity
TH1A4-3 Fred Kish Manufacturing of State-of-The-Art InP-Based Photonic Integrated Circuits
Session 13 (TH2P1)
TH2P1-1 Yu Sun Manipulation and Characterization of Human Cardiomyocytes for Drug Screening
TH2P1-2 Jian-Song Sheng The manufacture and characterization of a novel ultrasonic transducer for medical imaging
TH2P1-3 Tianhong Cui Shrink Polymer Micro Sensors for Detection of Water Pollutants
TH2P1-4 Ge Deng A Flexible Electroencephalography Electronic Skin Based on Graphene
TH2P1-5 Shuguang Yang Surface Modification to Improve the Electrochemical Performance of Neural Microelectrode Arrays
Session 14 (TH2P2)
TH2P2-1 Zhiyong Fan Bionic Eye with Perovskite Nanowire Array Retina
TH2P2-2 Shunjie Yu Beta-Ga2O3 Micro-Flake FET SBPD with Record Detectivity of 3.87E17 Jones for Weak Light Detection
TH2P2-3 Xiao Hou Large Area and Flexible Organic Active Matrix Image Sensor Array Fabricated by Solution Coating Processes at Low Temperature
TH2P2-4 Ning-Qin Deng A Sensitive Vertical Standing Graphene/Silicon Schottky Photodetector to Angle Changes
TH2P2-5 Zheng Lou Ultra-High-Sensitivity Photodetector from Ultraviolet to Visible Based on Ga-Doped In2O3 Nanowire Phototransistor with Top-Gate Structure
Session 15 (TH2P3)
TH2P3-1 Aaron D Franklin From the Top or Through the Edge: What is the Most Scalable Contact to 2D Semiconductors?
TH2P3-2 Hoe Tan Semiconductor Nanostructures for Optoelectronic and Energy Applications
TH2P3-3 Yun Sun Small-Hysteresis Flexible Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors Using Stacked Architecture
TH2P3-4 Xiaohan Wu Universal Non-Volatile Resistive Switching Behavior in 2D Metal Dichalcogenides Featuring Unique Conductive-Point Random Access Memory Effect
TH2P3-5 Cheng Li A Study of Materials Impacts on Graphene Electrostatic Discharge Switches
Session 16 (TH2P4)
TH2P4-1 Chris Bailey Modeling for assessing Semiconductor Packages in High-Reliability Applications
TH2P4-2 Tanja Braun Fan-Out Wafer and Panel Level Packaging - A Platform for 3D Integration
TH2P4-3 Shuhui Chen Growth Behavior and Mechanism of Tin Whisker on Isolated SnAg Solder Under Compressive Stress
TH2P4-4 Yingxia Liu Undercooling and Microstructure Analysis for the Design of Low Melting Point Solder
TH2P4-5 Rong Sun An Epoxy Composite Film for Modified Semi-Addictive Process
Session 17 (TH3P1)
TH3P1-1 Myung-Hee Na Disruptive Technology Elements, and Rapid and Accurate Block-Level Performance Evaluation for 3nm and Beyond
TH3P1-2 Shinichi Takagi Advanced CMOS Technologies for Ultra-Low Power Logic and AI Applications
TH3P1-3 Shohei Sekiguchi Subthreshold Swing in Silicon Gate-All-Around Nanowire MOSFET at Cryogenic Temperature
TH3P1-4 Fei Wang Sub-3nm Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides FETs: Theoretical Insights into the Impacts of Layer Numbers and Channel Lengths
TH3P1-5 Jingyi Ma Manipulating the Electrical Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Transistors by Gate Engineering
Session 18 (TH3P2)
TH3P2-1 Bruce Green 150 mm RF GaN Technology for Commercial RF Applications
TH3P2-2 Jiabo Chen Nearly Ideal Quasi-Vertical GaN Schottky Barrier Diode with 1010 High On/Off Ratio and Ultralow Turn on Voltage via Post Anode Annealing
TH3P2-3 Xing Wei A Novel Normally-Off Laterally Coupled p-GaN Gate HEMT
TH3P2-4 Shaoyu Sun Reverse Conduction Induced Dynamic Ron Effect in GaN HEMT with p-GaN Gate
TH3P2-5 Jia Wang 3D GaN Power Switching Electronics: A Revival of Interest in ELO
Session 19 (TH3P3)
TH3P3-1 Gihun Choe Variability Analysis for Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistors
TH3P3-2 Yuanyuan Zhang Revisiting the Definition of Ferroelectric Negative Capacitance Based on Gibbs Free Energy
TH3P3-3 David Esseni Ferroelectric Based FETs and Synaptic Devices for Highly Energy Efficient Computational Technologies
TH3P3-4 Om Prakash On the Critical Role of Ferroelectric Thickness for Negative Capacitance Transistor Optimization
TH3P3-5 Riccardo Fontanini Modelling and Design of FTJs as High Reading-Impedance Synaptic Devices
Session 20 (TH3P4)
TH3P4-1 Shenzhi Yang On-Chip Test Acceleration for Advanced Technologies
TH3P4-2 Zuochang Ye Efficient Yield Analysis and Optimization with Transient Sensitivity Analysis
TH3P4-3 Wenlan Jiang Statistical Feature Extraction and Hybrid Feature Selection for Material Removal Rate Prediction in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process
TH3P4-4 Sanjiv Mittal Maximizing Output from an Equipment Fleet in a Semiconductor Fab
TH3P4-5 Steven George Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Microelectronic Materials
Session 21 (FR1A1)
FR1A1-1 Masaharu Kobayashi Physics and Applications of Emerging Ferroelectric Devices
FR1A1-2 Peide Ye Dynamics Studies of Polarization Switching in Ferroelectric Hafnium Zirconium Oxide
FR1A1-3 Kaizhen Han Top-Gate Short Channel Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide Thin Film Transistors with Sub-1.2 nm Equivalent Oxide Thickness
FR1A1-4 Shuai Zhang Tunable Random Number Generators Implemented by Spin-Orbit Torque Driven Stochastic Switching of a Nanomagnet for Probabilistic Spin Logic
FR1A1-5 Hanlin Xie 100 nm T-Gate GaN-On-Si HEMTs Fabricated with CMOS-Compatible Metallization for Microwave and Mm-Wave Applications
Session 22 (FR1A2)
FR1A2-1 Huili Grace Xing Ga2O3 Power Devices and How They Stand up to GaN and SiC?
FR1A2-2 Yibo Wang Channel Mobility Properties of Ga2O3 MOSFETs on Si Substrate Fabricated by Ion Cutting Process
FR1A2-3 Sang-Woo Han GaN Super-Heterojunction Schottky Barrier Diode with over 10 kV Blocking Voltage
FR1A2-4 Yuquan Su High Density Packaging Trends Driven by Miniaturization of Home Appliance
FR1A2-5 Masataka Higashiwaki Development of High-Frequency Ga2O3 Field-Effect Transistors
Session 23 (FR1A3)
FR1A3-1 Thierry Poiroux L-UTSOI: Best In-Class Compact Modeling Solution for FD-SOI Technologies
FR1A3-2 Guofu Niu RF Linearity of SiGe HBT: Physics, Compact Modeling Using Mextram 505 and X-Parameter Based Measurements
FR1A3-3 QingPeng Wang Evaluating the Impact of STI Recess Profile Control on Advanced FinFET Device Performance
FR1A3-4 Weizhuo Gan Multi-Physics Evaluation of Silicon Steep-Slope Cold Source FET
FR1A3-5 Yu Zhu Enhanced On-State Current in Barrier-Free Carbon Heterojunction Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor
Session 24 (FR1A4)
FR1A4-1 Yuan Lin Tailoring the electromechanical coupling in stretchable inorganic thin-film electronics (Invited talk)
FR1A4-2 Yulong Dong Dynamics of Negative Capacitance Induced by Ferroelectric Switching in Ferroelectric-Resistor Circuit
FR1A4-3 Guoqing Zhang Synaptic Plasticity in Novel Non-Volatile FET with Amorphous Gate Insulator Enabled by Oxygen Vacancy Related Dipoles
FR1A4-4 Yuhui He Selecting and Optimizing Threshold Switching Materials and Devices for Stochastic Neuron
FR1A4-5 Qi Li High-Performance ZnO Thin-Film Transistors Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition at Low Temperature
Session 25 (FR2A1)
FR2A1-1 Cor Claeys Low Frequency Noise: A Show Stopper for State-Of-The-Art and Future Si, Ge-Based and III-V Technologies
FR2A1-2 Adelmo Ortiz-Conde A Review of Recent MOSFET Source and Drain Resistances Extraction Methods Using a Single Test Device
FR2A1-3 Kenji Ohmori White Noise Characterization of N-MOSFETs for Physics-Based Cryogenic Device Modeling
FR2A1-4 Zhen Zhou MOSFET C-V Characteristics Extraction Based on Ring Oscillator with Addressable DUTs
FR2A1-5 Xiaoqiao Yang Performance Trade-Offs in Complementary FET (CFET) Device Architectures for 3nm-Node and Beyond
Session 26 (FR2A2)
FR2A2-1 Atsushi Ogura Phonon Properties of Group IV Materials for Thermoelectric Applications
FR2A2-2 Tsunenobu Kimoto Progress and Future Challenges of SiC Power MOSFETs
FR2A2-3 Jie Wei Novel Ultralow On-Resistance Accumulation-Mode LDMOS with Integrated Diodes
FR2A2-4 Rui Jin Process Improvement for Stabilizing the VLD Effective Dose of 4500V Trench-Gated IGBT Platform
FR2A2-5 Masahiro Watanabe Accurate TCAD Simulation of Trench-Gate IGBTs and Its Application to Prediction of Carrier Lifetime Requirements for Future Scaled Devices
Session 27 (FR2A3)
FR2A3-1 Minghong Xu A Compact Model of Analog RRAM Considering Temperature Coefficient for Neural Network Evaluation
FR2A3-2 Hidehiro Asai Development of Integrated Device Simulator for Quantum Bit Design: Self-Consistent Calculation for Quantum Transport and Qubit Operation
FR2A3-3 Zewei Wang Designing EDA-Compatible Cryogenic CMOS Platform for Quantum Computing Applications
FR2A3-4 Benjamín Iñiguez Compact Modeling of Organic and IGZO TFTs from 150K to 350K
FR2A3-5 Slobodan Mijalkovic Compact Physics-Based Charge Core Model for CAAC In-Ga-Zn Oxide Multi-Gate FETs
Session 28 (FR2A4)
FR2A4-1 Purushothaman Srinivasan RF Silicon Technologies and Its Reliability for Sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G Applications purushothaman.srinivasan@
FR2A4-2 Yuichiro Mitani Re-Consideration of Influence of Fluorine on SiO2 and SixNy Reliabilities
FR2A4-3 Feilong Zhang ESD Co-Design of Mm-Wave RF Switch in 22nm SOI
FR2A4-4 Shuntaro Fujii Experimental Understanding of the Impact of Channel Percolation on Low Frequency Noise Using Transient Enhanced Diffusion of Channel Dopants
FR2A4-5 Owen Liu Design for Reliability based on Customer Obsession
Session 29 (FR3P1)
FR3P1-1 Anabela Veloso Nanosheet FETs and Their Potential for Enabling Continued Moore's Law Scaling
FR3P1-2 Masaya Kawano Technology Trends in 2.5D/3D Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration
FR3P1-3 Hai-Jin Optimization of Contact W Related Processes for 28/22 nm HKMG Technology Node
FR3P1-4 Yu Zhao Formation Mechanism of a Rounded SiGe-Etch-Front in an Isotropic Dry SiGe Etch Process for Gate-All-Around (GAA)-FETs
FR3P1-5 Dongxue Zhao Optimization of Bump Defect at High-Concentration In-Situ Phosphorus Doped Polysilicon/TEOS Oxide Interface for 3D NAND Flash Memory Application
Session 30 (FR3P2)
FR3P2-1 Ting Zhang Flexible and Wearable Sensing Electronics
FR3P2-2 Tse Nga Ng Emerging Designs for Polymer-Based Optoelectronics and Energy Storage
FR3P2-3 Chaochao Shen Highly Stable Fibrous Solid-State Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode
FR3P2-5 Bin Tian Printed Stretchable Multifunctional E-Textile for Wearable Electronics
Session 31 (FR3P3)
FR3P3-1 Qiangfei Xia Implementation, Operation and Applications of Memristive Neural Networks
FR3P3-2 Catherine Graves In-memory computing with memristor content addressable memory circuits
FR3P3-3 Xi-Zhu Peng A Neural Network-Based Harmonic Suppression Algorithm for Medium-To-High Resolution ADCs
FR3P3-4 Qiumeng Wei Artificial Neuron with Spike Frequency Adaptation Based on Mott Memristor
FR3P3-5 Chang Liu Associative Learning Circuit Based on Synaptic Transistors with Temporal Dynamics
Session 32 (FR3P4)
FR3P4-1 Ryohei Orihara Applications of AI Technologies in Flash Memory Business
FR3P4-2 Chen He Applications for Machine Learning in Semiconductor Manufacturing and Test
FR3P4-3 Tsuyoshi Moriya Machine Learning Approaches Optimizing Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
FR3P4-4 Jeffrey David Applications for Machine Learning in Semiconductor Manufacturing
FR3P4-5 Shibing Wang Improving accuracy and cycle-time in computational lithography with Machine Learning
Session 33 (FR4P1)
FR4P1-1 Ryota Narishige/Masaharu Shiratani Sputtering Growth of Metal Oxynitride Semiconductors for Excitonic Devices
FR4P1-2 Quanxi Jia Growth of Ferroic Metal Oxide Films with Desired Properties by Polymer-Assisted Deposition
FR4P1-3 Huan Zhu Effect of Low Temperature Annealing on Pn Junction Formation Using Si Paste
FR4P1-4 Jinqing He Optimization of Tilted Profile in Ultra-High Aspect Ratio Etch Process for 3D NAND Flash Memory
FR4P1-5 Shogo Shigemasu Forming Low-Resistivity Tungsten Contacts and Avoiding Fluorine Diffusion by Flash Lamp Annealing (FLA)
Session 34 (FR4P2)
FR4P2-1 Wentao Xu Artificial synapses and sensorimotor nerves
FR4P2-3 Matti Mäntysalo Printed conformable electronics for body-worn sensors and systems
FR4P2-4 Tung-Huei Ke FMM Free Organic and Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Enabled by Photolithography
FR4P2-5 Sujie Chen Semi-Disposable Self-Adhesive Sensor System for Wearable Electrocardiogram Detection
Session 35 (FR4P3)
FR4P3-1 Mario Lanza Wafer-scale integration of 2D materials in high-density memristive crossbar arrays for artificial neural networks
FR4P3-3 Jian-Jun Zhang Ge/Si Quantum Wires for Quantum Computing
FR4P3-4 Zuheng Wu Convertible Volatile and Non-Volatile Resistive Switching in a Self-Rectifying Pt/TiOx/Ti Memristor
FR4P3-5 Xumeng Zhang Convertible Volatile and Non-Volatile Resistive Switching in a Self-Rectifying Pt/TiOx/Ti Memristor
Session 36 (FR4P4)
FR4P4-1 Xiaoxin Xu ntegration of Resistive Switching Memory on Advanced Technology Nodes
FR4P4-2 Xue Feng Manufacture and Characterization of Ultrathin Flexible Chips
FR4P4-3 Gilson Wirth Unified Compact Modeling of Charge Trapping in 1/f Noise, RTN and BTI
FR4P4-4 Christophe Maleville Engineered substrate as a fast track to technology performance
FR4P4-5 Zhengrui Zhu Thermoelectric and Photoelectric Effects of 2D Bismuth for Flexible Electronics

Short Courses & Tutorials

Paper ID Presenting Author Title Email
Tutorial 1
TTUA1-1 Zhenan Bao Skin-Inspired Organic Electronics
TTUA1-2 Jong-Hyun Ahn 2D material based flexible and wearable electronics AHNJ@YONSEI.AC.KR
TTUA1-3 Man Wong A Metal-Oxide Transistor Technology for Flexible Electronics
Tutorial 2
TTUA2-1 Mohamed-Slim Alouini 6G: Towards a More Connected and Sustainable World
TTUA2-2 Kang L. Wang Topological Spintronics for Low Energy Dissipation
TTUA2-3 Philip Wong In- and Near-Memory Computing Using 2D/3D Resistive Memories
Short Course 1
STUP1-1 Shaodi Wang Computing-in-memory design for general neural networks inference
STUP1-2 Damien Querlioz Emerging Device Technologies for Neuromorphic Computing and Machine Learning
STUP1-3 Qi Xiang RRAM Based Computing-In-Memory
Short Course 2
STUP2-1 Edoardo Charbon Cryo-CMOS for Quantum Computing
STUP2-2 Lvzhou Li Understanding quantum computing by quantum algorithms
STUP2-3 Yuxi Liu Quantum computing using superconducting quantum coherence devices
Short Course 3
STUP3-1 Tatsuro Maeda Layer transfer technology of post-Si materials for monolithic 3D integration
STUP3-2 Digh Hisamoto Device/Process Technology Challenges for CMOS System Evolution
STUP3-3 Wei-Min Gao EUV lithography and its applications to logic and memory devices
Short Course 4
STUP4-1 Kevin J. Chen Integration with GaN-on-Si Power HEMT platform
STUP4-2 Srabanti Chowdhury Energy efficient power switches with Gallium Nitride technology
STUP4-3 Yoshiyuki Yonezawa Element Technology for Next Generation High- to Ultra-High Voltage SiC Power Device