Accepted Contributed Videos

Videos were submitted to ICRA 2019 to demonstrate novel research results or interesting applications relevant to the conference topics. The objective of these  videos is to inspire the interest of the broader public to robotic research and reflect the reality of current research challenges. Two categories were accepted: regular videos and “bloopers”. In the blooper category, of particular interest were videos that highlight unexpected behaviour or adversarial conditions and show how these conditions degrade the performance of the system.

The accepted videos were reviewed by the Conference Video Committee and you can assess the videos through this YouTube channel.

List of accepted videos

Regular videos:

  • A Journey through Underwater Cave Mapping
  • DeWaLoP – In-pipe Robot for Fresh Water Pipe Rehabilitation
  • The New Dexterity Adaptive, Humanlike Robot Hand
  • Aerial inspection at close proximity of a vertical surface: a multi-modal mobility approach
  • Trials and Tribulations of Building UofSC’s Autonomous Jetyak
  • A tether-powered automatic scanning system for repetitive monitoring
  • Single Stroke Light Painting with a Quadrotor Robot
  • iCub teleoperated walking and manipulation
  • Robotic Light Painting
  • A Novel Self-driving Platform with Developmental Framework
  • The METERON SUPVIS Justin Orbit-to-Ground Experiment (Judged best video)
  • Homeostasis-Enabling Wheel Prototype
  • Handheld Articulating Robotic Forceps
  • A wearable, ultralight interface for bimanual teleoperation of a compliant, whole-body-controlled humanoid robot
  • Azimuthal Shear Deformation of a Novel Soft Fiber-reinforced Rotary Pneumatic Actuator

Blooper videos:

  • Fifty Shades of Green (Judged best blooper)
  • Bloopers with DyRET
  • Problem Behaviours of Neural Network Pile Loading Controllers