Workshops and Tutorials

By registering for the workshops/tutorials, you will gain access to any workshop or tutorial on Thursday 23 May 2019 and Friday 24 May 2019. Please refer to the registration for details on the various registration categories. Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the registration fee for workshops/tutorials.

  • Coffee break: 10:00-10:30 (AM) / 15:00-15:30 (PM)
  • Lunch break: 12:30-13:30

Please see the following for each workshop or tutorial along with its schedule and venue. In addition, information for the workshop/tutorial presenters/posters is available at the end of this page.

Thursday - 23 May 2019

Full Day Workshops & Tutorials: 8:30-17:30

Title Organizers Room
The Future of Aerial Robotics: Challenges and Opportunities Ollero, Anibal; Antonelli, Gianluca; Loianno, Giuseppe; Alexis, Kostas; Chli, Margarita 517a
Towards Real-World Deployment of Legged Robots Bjelonic, Marko; Kanoulas, Dimitrios; Walas, Krzysztof, Tadeusz; Camurri, Marco; Kottege, Navinda; Yoshida, Eiichi; Del Prete, Andrea; Bellicoso, C. Dario; Fallon, Maurice; Hutter, Marco; Havoutis, Ioannis; Bandyopadhyay, Tirthankar 517b

Bringing perception-based manipulation to the real world: standardizing robot manipulation learning

Haddadin, Sami; Asfour, Tamim; van der Smagt, Patrick; Burgard, Wolfram; Fox, Dieter; Billard, Aude; Hager, Gregory; Brock, Oliver 517c
High Accuracy Mobile Manipulation in Challenging Environments: Challenges in Systems, Control, and Perception Sandy, Timothy; Gawel, Abel Roman; Sankaran, Bharath; Maggs, Stuart; Nieto, Juan 517d
Taking Reproducible Research in Robotics to the Mainstream: Building on the IEEE RAM R-Articles Bonsignorio, Fabio Paolo; Redfield, Signe; del Pobil, Angel P. 518a
Robot Design and Customization: Opportunities at the Intersection of Computation and Digital Fabrication Sung, Cynthia; Coros, Stelian; MacCurdy, Robert; Yim, Mark 518b

Second International Workshop on Lines, Planes and Manhattan models for 3-D Mapping (LPM 2019)

Calway, Andrew; Kaess, Michael; Ramalingam, Srikumar

Opportunities and Challenges in Soft Robotics Across Length Scales Marvi, Hamidreza; Lum, Guo Zhan; Walker, Ian 519a
Open Challenges and State-of-the-Art in Control System Design and Technology Development for Surgical Robotic Systems Tavakoli, Mahdi; Bergeles, Christos; Au, K. W. Samuel; Khadem, Mohsen 519b
Progress Toward Automated Micro-Bio-Nano Factories Through Robotic Manipulation Banerjee, Ashis; Diller, Eric D.; Popa, Dan; Yu, Kaiyan 520a
Human-Robot Teaming Beyond Human Operational Speeds Christensen, Henrik Iskov; Roy, Nicholas; Chernova, Sonia; Hsieh, M. Ani; Nieto-Granda, Carlos; Young, Stuart; Baran, David; Stump, Ethan; Reardon, Christopher M. 520b
Human movement science for physical human-robot collaboration Maurice, Pauline; Huber, Meghan; Latella, Claudia; Ivaldi, Serena; Hogan, Neville 520c
Rhetoric and Robotics. An exercise to shape the values of the discipline of robotics. Laumond, Jean-Paul; Danblon, Emmanuelle; Venture, Gentiane; Pieters, Céline 524a
Optimal Planning and Control Fusing Offline and Online Algorithms Garabini, Manolo; Marcucci, Tobia 524b
ViTac: Integrating Vision and Touch for Multimodal and Cross-modal Perception Luo, Shan; Lepora, Nathan; Martinez-Hernandez, Uriel; Bimbo, Joao; Liu, Huaping 524c

Half Day Workshops & Tutorials - AM: 8:30-12:30

Title Organizers Room
Benchmarks for Robotic Manipulation Calli, Berk; Dollar, Aaron; Sun, Yu; Roa, Maximo A. 520d
Approaching Residency of Marine Robots for Deep-Sea Research Song, Zhuoyuan; Marburg, Aaron; Krieg, Mike; Mohseni, Kamran 520e
Sound Source Localization and Its Applications for Robots Yoon, Sung-eui; Manocha, Dinesh 520f
Communications Workshop organized by RAS Lydia Wilkinson; Alan Chong 523

Half Day Workshops & Tutorials - PM: 13:30-17:30

Title Organizers Room
Robotic Technology for In-Space Assembly Carignan, Craig; Yoshida, Kazuya; Marani, Giacomo 520d
Mobile Robot Assistants for the Elderly Michaud, Francois; Tapus, Adriana; Ferland, François; Nejat, Goldie; Barrett, Eva; Casey, Dympna 520e
MATLAB and Simulink for Robotics Research and Education Valenti, Roberto; Corke, Peter; Kapur, Pulkit; Pillat, Remo 520f
Communications Workshop organized by RAS Lydia Wilkinson; Alan Chong 523

Friday - 24 May 2019

Full Day Workshops & Tutorials: 8:30-17:30

Title Organizers Room
Physical human-robot interaction: a design focus Gosselin, Clement; Duchaine, Vincent 517a
Subterranean Autonomy: Open Challenges, Resilient Design, and Virtual Benchmarking Stump, Ethan; Rogers III, John G.; Koenig, Nathan; Sukhatme, Gaurav 517b
Dataset Generation and Benchmarking of SLAM Algorithms for Robotics and VR/AR Saeedi, Sajad; Bodin, Bruno; Li, Wenbin; Nardi, Luigi 517c
Learning Legged Locomotion Caluwaerts, Ken; Iscen, Atil; Tan, Jie; Zhang, Tingnan; Liu, Karen; Righetti, Ludovic; Hurst, Jonathan 517d
2nd International Workshop on Computational Models of Affordance in Robotics Zech, Philipp; Renaudo, Erwan; Kaiser, Peter; Chatila, Raja 518a
Debates on the Future of Robotics Research Clement, Lee; Peretroukhin, Valentin; Giamou, Matthew; Kelly, Jonathan 519a
Next Generation Surgery: Seamless integration of Robotics, Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation within the operating rooms Ferraguti, Federica; Mylonas, George; Secchi, Cristian; Casals, Alicia; Bonfe, Marcello; Muradore, Riccardo 519b
Long-Term Human Motion Prediction Palmieri, Luigi; Arras, Kai Oliver; Mainprice, Jim; Hanheide, Marc; Lilienthal, Achim J. 520a
Learning for Industry 4.0: feasibility and Challenges Saveriano, Matteo; Falco, Pietro; Calinon, Sylvain 520b
Underwater Robotics Perception Gomez Chavez, Arturo; Zereik, Enrica; Maurelli, Francesco 520c
Algorithms and Architectures for Learning in-the-Loop Systems in Autonomous Flight Faust, Aleksandra; Reddi, Vijay; Schoellig, Angela P.; Tang, Sarah 520d
Advances and Challenges on the Development, Testing and Assessment of Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT): Experiences from Engineering and Human Science Research Zhang, Cheng; Solis, Jorge; Takeda, Yukio; Mobyen, Ahmed; Tanaka, Yoshiaki 520e
Toward Online Optimal Control of Dynamic Robots: From Algorithmic Advances to Field Applications Farshidian, Farbod; Carpentier, Justin; Wensing, Patrick M.; Yoshida, Eiichi 524a
Autonomous RACECAR: 1/10-scale Autonomous Car Platform for Research and Education in Robotics Fishberg, Andrew; Henderson, Trevor; Gregson, Ken; Dodds, Zachary; Krawciw, Don; Nicholls, Christine; Karaman, Sertac 524b
Soft Haptic Interaction: Modeling, Design and Application Liu, Hongbin; Bianchi, Matteo; Ho, Van 524c

Half Day Workshops & Tutorials - AM: 8:30-12:30

Title Organizers Room
Workshop on Continuous Management and Scheduling of multiple simultaneous prioritized Tasks for redundant Robots Dehio, Niels; Kheddar, Abderrahmane; Albu-Schäffer, Alin 518b

Topological Methods in Robot Planning

Bhattacharya, Subhrajit; Pokorny, Florian T.; Kumar, Vijay 518c
Tutorial on Dynamical System-based Learning from Demonstration Figueroa, Nadia; Mirrazavi Salehian, Seyed Sina; Huber, Lukas; Billard, Aude 520f
Communications Workshop organized by RAS Lydia Wilkinson; Alan Chong 523

Half Day Workshops & Tutorials - PM: 13:30-17:30

Title Organizers Room
Resilient Robot Teams: Composing, Acting, and Learning Prorok, Amanda; Sadler, Brian; Sukhatme, Gaurav; Kumar, Vijay 518b
Half-Day Workshop: Tensegrity Robotics Workshop Rieffel, John; Floreano, Dario; Vespignani, Massimo; Boehm, Valter 518c
Bias-sensitizing robot behaviours: A quest for AvoidinG hArmful bIas aNd diScriminaTion by robots (AGAINST-19) Mansouri, Masoumeh; Brandao, Martim; Saffiotti, Alessandro 520f
Communications Workshop organized by RAS Lydia Wilkinson; Alan Chong 523

Information of Workshops and Tutorials Rooms for Presenters (rooms 517 to 524)

- Projection in 16:9 format
- Connection (HDMI) at podium for speaker’s laptops (All speakers must provide appropriate graphic card adaptor to connect their laptops to the system, HDMI is the preferred adaptor.)

- Computer audio interface (for presenter’s laptop)
- 2 Microphones at podium
- 1 table (for the 517 rooms only)
- Question microphones

- Appropriate stage lighting (for the 517 rooms only)

Please respect A0 poster size in portrait orientation (841x1189mm) for your poster.
Each room can accommodate 16 posters.
Some workshop & tutorial rooms have poster boards whereas other rooms will use the separator wall to hold the poster.
If your session has communicated a poster number, please be sure to include it in your poster header.
Velco will be provided in rooms with poster boards.
Mounting putty (blue gum) will be provided in rooms where posters are mounted on the separator wall. No other materials are allowed.  

For any questions related to Audiovisual, please contact Isabel Stengler at