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Date: December 13, Monday, 2010


Subject:  Make3D: Learning 3D Models from a Single Still Image


Speaker:  Ashutosh Saxena, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Cornell University.


Abstract:  We consider the problem of converting a standard 2D digital picture
into a 3D model. This is a challenging problem, since an image is
formed by a projection of the 3D scene onto two dimensions, thus
losing the depth information. We take a supervised learning approach
to this problem, and model the scene depth as a function of the image
features. We show that, even on unstructured scenes of a large variety
of environments, our algorithm is frequently able to recover accurate
3D models. (See http://make3d.cs.cornell.edu ) We then look at the
problem of combining our cues such as stereo (for stereo cameras) or
parallax (for videos) for producing 3D views from 2D views.

The last few decades have seen great progress in tackling each of
these problems in isolation. Only, recently have researchers returned
to the difficult task of considering them jointly. We consider
learning a set of related models in such that they both solve their
own problem and help each other. Our method requires only a limited
“black box” interface with the models, allowing us to use very
sophisticated, state-of-the-art classifiers without having to look
under the hood.

We then apply our methods to robotics applications: (a) vision-based
navigation: obstacle avoidance for autonomously driving a small
electric car and autonomously flying aerial vehicles, and (b) personal
robots, where we develop learning algorithms for robot manipulation.
This enables our robot to perform tasks such as open new doors, clear
up cluttered tables, and unload items from a dishwasher.


Biography:  Ashutosh Saxena is an assistant professor in computer science
department at Cornell University. His research interests include
machine learning, computer vision and robotics. He received his MS in
2006 and Ph.D. in 2009 from Stanford University, and his B.Tech. in
2004 from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. He has worked
in Bose Corporation, CSIRO (Australia) and Microsoft in the past, and
founded Zunavision in 2008.

Ashutosh developed Make3D (http://make3d.cs.cornell.edu), an algorithm
that converts a single photograph into a 3D model. Tens of thousands
of users used this technology to convert their pictures to 3D. He also
developed algorithms that enable robots to have a holistic
understanding of the scene. This enables the robots to perform
household chores such as unload items from a dishwasher, or fly
autonomously through indoor environments. His work has received
substantial amount of attention in popular press, including the
front-page of New York Times, BBC, ABC, New Scientist, Discovery
Science, ACM and Wired Magazine. He has won best paper awards in 3DRR
and IEEE ACE. He was also a recipient of National Talent Scholarship.


Time:  6:30 – 8.30PM

           Pizza and Networking: 6.30 – 7PM

           Talk: 7 – 8.30PM


Place: Bannan Engineering Building, Room EC 326, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA 95050 (http://www.scu.edu/map/upload/scu_map.pdf)


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March 08, 2004: Telephony Speech Recognition Application Testing {Slides}

Feb 05, 2004:Speech Technology for Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) {Slides}



IEEE Santa Clara Valley Signal Processing Society (SPS) focuses on all aspects of the theory and application of Signals involving filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals. The term "signal" includes audio, video, speech, image, communication, geophysical, sonar, radar, medical, musical etc.

Our chapter was featured in the March 2008 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine E-Newsletter. Please click here for the article.


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Victor Ramamoorthy



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Sankalita Saha



Bhaskar Saha



Afshaneh Pakdaman


Program Coordinator

Ifiok Umoh



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2007-2009 Officers

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi

Vice Chairman/ Treasurer
Xiaoshu Qian

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Yen-Kuang Chen

Vlad Potanin

Douglas Chan


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M Saseetharran

Vice Chairman/ Treasurer
Man Po (Bill) Lam

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Brian Sublett

Ozur Oyman

Madan Ankapura


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M Saseetharran

Vice Chairman/ Treasurer
Man Po (Bill) Lam

Program Co-ordinator
Brian Sublett

Vikash Rungta

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Madan Ankapura


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M Saseetharran

Vice Chairman
P S Chang

Nelson Zierbach

V (Ramki) Ramakrishna

Auxiliary Officer
Kenneth White








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