Exhibition Facility

Vendors with products and services related to the NSS, MIC, and RTSD are invited to participate in the Industrial Program which comprises an exhibition and technical seminars. An exhibition area central to conference activities will be provided to display the latest in products and innovation. The area will be in the room next to the poster sessions. The coffee breaks will be served in an area in the middle of the exhibit booths. In one end of the room will be the attendee lounge area with tables and chairs, WiFi, and never ending coffee.

With the excitement over the Higgs Boson, LHC, other high energy physics experiments, new detector materials, new medical imaging instruments, and instruments for homeland security, the attendance at the IEEE NSS-MIC has been steadily increasing. The 2012 NSS MIC had a US record of 2200 attendees and 2013 in Seoul, Korea was over 2200. In Anaheim (2012), all 58 booths were sold by August 2012. In Seoul, a record 76 booths were again sold by the end of August 2013. All this is very promising for the 2014 meeting in Seattle, where 74 booths will be available. Attendees are invited to visit the exhibition area and the technical seminars to learn about the newest products.

Again this year will be availability of multiple booths: both 2 and 4 booths. These multiple booths will be held for companies to reserve until the end of May. Then they will be available as single booths. The booth layout shows multiple booth positions in color. Any other multiple booths can also be reserved. If you want to reserve a single booth that is part of a multiple, select a single as your first choice, then the multiple part as your second choice.

The Exhibitors Prospectus (pdf) provides detailed information for exhibitors on the conference venue, registration forms, and prices. Interested vendors should contact Ron Keyser for technical questions, and Robert Finnegan for reservations:

Ronald M. Keyser
Industrial Program Chair
Software & Information Services, Inc
Phone: +1 865 607 2608

Robert G. Finnegan
NSS-MIC Exhibition Manager
American Institute of Physics
Phone: +1 516 576 2433

Attendees are invited to visit the exhibition area any time to see the latest in exhibitor offerings, as well as to attend the series of technical seminars focused on the newest product developments. In an effort to provide additional opportunities to meet with exhibitors, morning and afternoon conference coffee breaks will be held in the Exhibition area for the duration of the Exhibition.

Exhibitor Technical Seminars

The three-day exhibition will be complemented by a series of seminars and technical presentations on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which will allow an in-depth exchange of information between attendees and exhibitors on existing products, future developments and needs.

Schedule for the Technical Presentations - all Technical Presentations in Room 4C-3:

                    Tuesday, 11 November
13:00-13:30 What Digital Photon Counting Detectors Can Bring for Clinical PET
Lingxiong Shao, Systems Engineer Philips Healthcare, BG Imaging Systems Cleveland, USA
14:00-14:30 Methods of Improving Silicon Neutron Detectors with comparisons to Resilient Diamond Detectors fabricated by the Company
Dr Susanne Walsh and Dr Gwenaelle Lefeuvre, Micron Semiconductor
16:00-16:30 X-RAY.CAMERA – A new community for users, experts and industry of photon counting devices
Juha Kalliopuska, Advacam, Jan Jakubek, Widepix, Jan Tous, Crytur, and Vijay Viswanathan, Jablotron
  Wednesday, 12 November
09:00-09:30 eX Series, a new readout solution for all Medipix detectors
Victor S. Rojas, X-Ray Imatek S.L.
09:30-10:00 Alibava Systems: tools for particle physics research and education
Manuel Lozano, Alibava Systems, S.L.
10:30-11:00 Commercialisation of Novel Scintillators for Gamma and Neutron Detection
Dr Keith Hutton, Hilger Crystals
11:00-11:30 Full digital approaches to radiation spectroscopy and measurements in Nuclear Physics
Carlo Tintori, CAEN Technologies
13:00-14:00 The newest generation mechanical coolers from ORTEC
Gregor Geurkov, Greg Martin, Eric Broerman, ORTEC/AMETEK
14:00-15:00 Radiation Detection Technologies for Medical, Nuclear, Industrial and Security Applications
Scott Cunningham & Rick Smith, Kromek
15:00-15:30 Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) Detectors for X-ray Applications in Industry and Medicine
Christian Broennimann, Dectris Ltd.
16:00-16:30 SiPM Manufacture and Reliability for High Volume Applications
Dr. Carl Jackson, SensL Technologies, CTO and Founder
17:00-17:30 Germanium Gamma-ray Imaging Detector: GeGI
Ethan Hull, Ph.D., CEO PHDS Co.
  Thursday, 13 November
09:00-09:30 KETEK – Creative Detector Solutions
Dr. Reinhard Fojt (Managing Director KETEK)
10:30-11:00 Developments in Radiation Detection Solutions
John Frank, Saint-Gobain Crystals
11:00-11:30 Latest Developments in Photomultiplier Tube Technology
Kengo Watase, Hamamatsu
13:00-14:00 Updates from the SPADnet Project - fully digital, scalable and networked photonic component for time-of-flight PET applications
Edoardo CHARBON (TUDELFT & EPFL), Gábor NEMETH (Mediso Medical Imaging Systems)
14:00-14:30 Latest Developments in MPPC (SiPM) Technology
Koei Yamamoto, Hamamatsu

Exhibition Reception

On the evening of Tuesday, 11 November 2014, an Exhibitor Reception will be held in the Exhibition area to allow ample time for attendees and exhibitors to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest without overlapping the scientific programs.

List of Exhibitors

Acrorad Co., Ltd.

Adit Electron Tubes

Advanced Fusion Technology Co., Ltd.

Alibava Systems, S.L.

Alpha Spectra, Inc.


ANSeeN Inc.

APL Engineered Materials

Baltic Scientific Instruments

Berkeley Nucleonics

Berthold Technologies

C&A Corporation

CAEN Technologies Inc.


Clear-Pulse Co., Ltd.


Dectris Ltd.

Eljen Technology

Furukawa Co., Ltd.

GE Energy

GE Healthcare DCD Rehovot

Hamamatsu Corporation

Hellma Materials GmbH

Hilger Crystals

HZC Photonics

Inrad Optics

Integrated Detector Electronics



labZY, LLC

Luxen Technology

Mediso Medical Imaging Systems

Micron Semiconductor


Northrop Grumman Synoptics



Philips Digital Photon Counting

Polymer Assembly Technology, Inc.

Precision Data Technology

Quaesta Instruments

Rockwood Lithium

SAFC Hitech

Saint-Gobain Crystals


Scionix Holland BV

SensL Technologies Ltd.

SGX Sensortech LTD.

Shanghai SICCAS High Technology

SINTEF Minalab

Sparrow Corp

Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH

Suzhou JT Crystal Technology

Taiwan Ostor Corp

Target Systemelektronik

Tech-Etch, Inc.

Vertilon Corporation

W-IE-NE-R, Plein & Baus, Ltd.


X-Ray Imaging Europe

X-Ray Imatek S.L.


X-Spectrum GmbH

Exhibitor Guide Book

You can download here the final version of the Exhibitor Guide Book, where you can find the list and description of all the exhibitors, as well as the Technical Presentation schedule. Please note that you can find the same information in the 2014 NSS/MIC app.