Dear Colleagues,

The NSS/MIC is a well-established meeting that has continuously provided an exceptional venue to showcase outstanding developments and contributions across the nuclear and medical instrumentation fields. This conference brings together engineers and scientists from around the world to share their knowledge and to gain insight and inspiration from others. I am committed to creating the best possible environment for this scientific exchange. Even recognizing the successful history of the conference that spans over sixty years, we cannot be complacent and must strive to improve; therefore it’s time for some changes. We have carefully evaluated the feedback that we have received over the last few years and have restructured the conference to better suit the needs of attendees. Extensive efforts have been made to ensure that the NSS, MIC, and RTSD oral presentation programs are well coordinated, including a full day of non-overlapping sessions specifically devoted to topics of mutual interest. In addition, a more extensive paper submission review process is in place to elevate the uniqueness and relevance of acceptance criteria, avoid duplication, and ensure that no sector goes unrepresented. With respect to posters, presentations will be grouped and optimized to distribute topics across multiple sessions and all posters will be available for viewing for the entire conference, 24 hours per day.

The conference will include a distinguished series of short courses, relevant refresher courses, and workshops that will address areas of particular interest. In addition, the companion program has been redesigned to provide an exceptional set of tours that include experiences not generally available to the public. An attendee lounge, available 24 hours per day and co-located with the posters and exhibits, will provide a quiet and comfortable space for attendees to meet or work.

We are making extensive efforts to transition to a paperless event. As such, I am, to the extent possible, eliminating essentially all hardcopy conference publications. In addition, the conference venue is committed to providing a "green" environment and will minimize or eliminate the generation of any waste material. Seattle is a beautiful location with endless opportunities for dining and entertainment, much within easy walking distance of the convention center. I know that I speak for the entire organizing committee when I say that we look forward to your contributions and participation in the 2014 NSS/MIC.

Anthony Lavietes, General Chair
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA