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September 25, 2018
Activity Seminar: Bonding with your Semiconductor: Understanding Ultrasonic Welding Lee Levine, Process Solutions Consulting, Inc.

Past LVSSC Events

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    2018 Events

Jun. 12
Activity Seminar: RF Circuit Reconfiguration Using Phase-Change Switches Professor Jeyanandh Paramesh, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Mar. 28
Activity Seminar: A Process and Temperature Insensitive CMOS Linear TIA for 100Gbps/lambda PAM-4 Optical Links Kumar Lakshmikumar, Cisco Systems, Allentown, PA.

Feb. 26
Activity Seminar: Bulk Single Crystal Gallium Nitride Growth Prof. S. Pimputkar, Materials Science and Engineering Department and Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Feb. 06
Activity SSCS Distinguished Lecturer Colloquia

Seminar: Silicon-integrated RF VCOs

Prof. Pietro Andreani, Dept. of Electrical and Information Technology (EIT), Lund University

Jan. 25

    2017 Events

Nov. 29
Activity SSCS Distinguished Lecturer Colloquia

Seminar 1: Body Area Network - Connecting things together around the body

Seminar 2: On-Chip Epilepsy Detection: Where Machine Learning Meets Wearable, Patient-Specific Seizure Monitoring

Professor Jerald Yoo, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Sep. 11

Feb. 20

    2016 Events

Dec. 7
Activity SSCS Distinguished Lecturer Colloquia

Seminar 1: Time-based signal representation and its applications to data conversion, filtering and control

Seminar 2: Overview of 5G Requirements and Future Wireless Network

Seminar 3: Silicon Photonic Microring Resonator-Based Transceivers for Compact WDM Optical Interconnects
Professor Pavan Hanumolu, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Professor Sven Mattisson, Lund University

Professor Samuel Palermo, Texas A&M University

Oct. 20
Activity Seminar: Bipolar Transitors/ICs in the Lehigh Valley and Beyond Paul C. Davis, IEEE Fellow

Sep. 8

Mar. 1
Activity Seminar: The Rise of Globus Sapiens - Ideas and kludges that made history Dr. Bernard T. Murphy, Ph. D., IEEE Fellow
    2015 Events

Dec. 2
Activity SSCS Distinguished Lecturer Colloquia

Seminar: Bio-inspired Polarization Imagers - Making the invisible visible

Seminar: On the design of circuits for frequency synthesizers at MM-waves in ultra-scaled CMOS
Professor Jan Van der Spiegel, University of Pennsylvania

Professor Francesco Svelto, Università di Pavia, Italy

Aug. 19
Activity Seminar: Clock and Data Recovery Techniques for Optical Communication Systems Kadaba R. (Kumar) Lakshmikumar

Apr. 7
Activity Seminar: A Review of the 2015 ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference) Paul Davis, IEEE Fellow

Feb. 3

    2014 Events

Oct 29
Activity Seminar: Future Directions for Silicon Radio Frequency Electronics Professor John R. Long, Delft University of Technology

Oct 15
Activity Seminar series: SSCS Distinguished Lecturers East Coast Tour R. Jacob Baker, Frank O'Mahony, Payam Heydari

Aug 27
Activity Seminar: Analog Design Issues at 65nm and Below Dr. TR Viswanathan, Research Professor, University of Texas, Austin

July 22

May 1
Activity Seminar: VLSI Architectures for Communications and Signal Processing Kiran Gunnam, Director of Engineering at Violin Memory
Apr. 22 Activity Seminar: A 200 Amp Current Source with 12 V Input for Automotive Applications Luke Turgeon, President of Turgeon Engineering
Mar. 25 Business

    2013 Events

Oct. 24
Activity Seminar: Fast and Accurate System Level Simulation of Time-Based Circuits Using CppSim and VppSim
High Performance Digital Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers
Michael H. Perrott, Silicon Laboratories, Nashua, NH

Sep. 25
Activity Seminar: Low-Noise CMOS ICs for Radiation Detectors in Space, Physics, and Medical Applications Dr. Shaorui Li, Brookhaven National Laboratories
Aug. 14 Business

May 30
Activity Seminar: Low-power Successive Approximation ADCs for Wireless Applications Jan Craninckx, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium

Apr. 23
Activity Seminar: Scaling-Friendly Radio Design for SoC Yorgos Palaskas, Intel Labs
Jan. 29 Business

    2012 Events
Aug. 20 Activity Seminar: From Microwave to Millimeter-wave: The Design of Reconfigurable, High-Bandwidth CMOS Radios Prof. Jeyanandh Paramesh, Carnegie Mellon University
Jun. 26 Business

Feb. 7 Activity Seminar: A Monolithic Ge-on-Si CMOS Imager for Short Wave Infrared Bryan Ackland
Jan. 24 Business

    2011 Events
Nov. 21 Activity Seminars: The Current Mode Story and Electrical and Human Feedback Hanspeter Schmid
Aug. 30 Activity Seminar: CMOS Microwave and Millimeter Wave IC's: the Historical Background Asad Abidi, UCLA
July 12 Activity Seminar: Connecting to the Grid and Smart Power Electronics David Bassett, PPL
June 6 Business

May 17 Activity IEEE Consultants Network Panel Discussion Jonathan Allen, Roger Boyell, Derek Flickinger and Robert Peruzzi
Mar. 21 Business

    2010 Events
Dec. 1 Activity Seminar: Challenges Facing 32nm and 22nm IC Technologies David Fried, IBM Corp
Oct. 25 Activity Seminar: SERDES - What does it mean and how do you build one? Paul Mosinskis, Lattice Semiconductor
July 19 Activity Seminar: Emerging ADCs Professor Un-Ku Moon, Oregon State University
Apr. 26 Activity Seminar: When Do We Connect The Cell Phone A/D To The Antenna? Paul Davis
Jan. 25 Activity Seminar: PLL Design in Nanometer CMOS Dr. K.R. Lakshmikumar, Ikanos Communications.
    2009 Events
Nov. 30 Activity Seminar: Crystal Oscillator Design Dale Nelson, Adjunct Professor at U. Penn.
Nov. 10 Business

Sept. 21 Kickoff Meeting
Seminar: Wireless Technology -- Past, Present and Future Professor Tom Lee, Stanford U.
Professor Jan Van der Spiegel, U. Penn.
Sept. 03 Business

July 21 Business

June 25 Business Initial Business Meeting for the Lehigh Valley Section of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society

LVSSC Events

We try our best to organize at least bimonthly seminars and an annual social event each year. The venue is variable and an attempt is made to accommodate members from all throughout the LVS geographical area. Meeting day will vary from Monday to Thursday, depending on the availability of the speakers. Meetings typically start at 6:00PM.

All events are open to SSCS members and interested non-members. Participation is free of charge. As always, food and drinks will be served. If you have suggestions, please send an e-mail to the officers.

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