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IEEE Region 3 Winter 2000 EXCOM

Last modified: Tue Feb 1 19:30:23 CST 2000

Zip file of 2000-01 web space for those who would like to put web space on your notebook.


18 January 2000 9-10pm EST
29 January 2000 10-noon and 2-4pm EST

E-Conference server: channel: #ieee3 password: (available by e-mail)

Backup server: channel: #ieee3

Administrative Items

  1. *NEW* Draft EXCOM minutes now available.
  2. Report Guidelines
  3. 17 January 2000 (9pm EST) - Action Item Deadline
  4. 27 January 2000 (9pm EST) - Report Deadline
  5. 27 January 2000 (11pm EST) - Web Site Updated
  6. NOTE: No travel expenses are anticipated for this event. If you anticipate that there will be expenses, they must be pre-approved by Region 3 Director.
  7. Region 3 Travel Policy

Tentative Schedule

Many Region 3 Committees, Council & Area Meetings are planned prior to this Region 3 Excom. Charles Lord of E-conferencing Committee is coordinating these meetings.

Date Time (EST) Channel Event/Contact
18 Jan 9 pm - 10:30 pm #ieee3 Executive Committee Pre-Meeting (Dick Riddle)
29 Jan 10-noon, 2-4pm #ieee3 Executive Committee Meeting (Dick Riddle)


Pre-Meeting - AGENDA

18 January 2000 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm EST
(Log of pre-meeting)
1. Welcome, explanation of purpose, rules, questions Riddle/Green
2. Review of status on pre-meeting activities  
2a. Status of Committee Meetings Lord
2b. Status of Reports Riddle/Howard
3. Review of Consent Agenda Items (any controversy?) Green
4. Review of action items submitted for "completeness"
- are more materials needed?
5. Review of discussion items submitted for "completeness"
- are more materials needed?
6. Review of procedures
- Voting
- Executive Session
7. Contingencies
- spare IRC server -
- spare Web Server - TBA
8. Other items: All
9. Closing Comments Ratcliff/Riddle
10. Next Meeting - 29 January 2000 10AM EST on #ieee3


Region 3 EXCOM

29 January 2000 -- 10-noon and 2-4pm EST

1. Introduction/Explanation of Rules Riddle/Green
2. Approval of Director's Ad Hoc Committees and Appointments Riddle
3. Introduction of Special Guests Riddle
4. Consent Agenda Riddle
4a. The EXCOM to approve the minutes of its December 1999 meeting held in Nashville TN.  
4b. The EXCOM to approve the 2000 Travel Policy. Note the Travel Policy is unchanged from 1999. However, the policy locks the mileage rate to the rate established by the IEEE Controller. This rate changes from $0.31 to $0.325 effective 1 January 2000. The web version of the Travel Policy has an editorial comment giving this rate.  
4c. The EXCOM to receive the reports listed in the Information Agenda section of the agenda.  
5. Approval of Agenda Riddle
6. Director's Comments
- RAB Retreat
- IEEE-USA Retreat
7. Past Director's Comments Caston
8. Q/C on Secretary's Report Green
9. Q/C on Treasurer's Report
- Final Report on 1999 budget
10. Q/C on Director-Elect's Report Howard
11. Action Agenda from Committees  
11a. Approval of 2000 Budget (Finance Committee) Hickman
11b. Approval of Awards (Awards & Recognition Committee)
Time Specific: 11:50am EST; Executive Session
Outstanding Service Award
Outstanding Engineer Award
Outstanding Engineering Educator Award
Employer Professional Development Award (Elsherben)
12. Discussion Agenda  
12a. Schedule and plans for SoutheastCon 2000 (Conference Committee) Lord
12b. Further Roll Out of E-Conferencing (E-Conferencing Committee) Ratcliff
12c. Lending Library Elsherbeni
12d. Professional Development Conference Haynes
12e. PACE Item: Upcoming Immigration Law Changes
Materials part 1 (in pdf) and part 2.
13. Information Agenda Discussed as time permits
14. Old Business  
15. New Business  
16. Date and Location of Next Meeting Riddle
  9 April 2000
as part of SoutheastCon 2000 at the Nashville Marriott Airport
Nashville, TN
17. Adjournment  

At the end of the meeting, please go an fill out the rating form with your comments about this e-conference meeting.


Information Agenda

Items in the Information Agenda will not be discussed during the meeting. Approval of the agenda represents EXCOM receipt of these reports. Members are urged to ask questions about these reports off-line or to ask the Director to add an item to the Discussion Agenda.

1. Director's report Dick Riddle
2. Director Elect (Vice Chair) report Jim Howard
3. Secretary's Report David Green
4. Treasurer's Report Charles Hickman
5. Past Director Dale Caston
  Standing Committee Reports Riddle
6. Awards & Recognition John Twitchell
7. Communications Brian Swail
7a. - Archive Vernon Powers
7b. - Electronic Communications Brian Swail
7c. - Newsletter Brian Skelton
7d. - Public Information Lee Stogner
8. Conferences Charles Lord
8a. - SoutheastCon 99 Don Hill
8b. - SoutheastCon 2000 George Cook
8c. - SoutheastCon 2001 Nick Pasquerilla
Mark Stokes
8d. - Southcon Jim Beall
8e. - Jamcon 2000 Dennis Hartley
9. Educational Activity Atef Elsherbeni
10. Finance Committee Charles Hickman
  - 2000 Budget  
11. Membership Development Kathy Drevik
12. Professional Activities Operations Comm. Don Hill
12a. - PACE George McClure
12b. - USAB Employment Assistance David Macchiarolo
13. Nominations & Appointments Jim Beall
14. Strategic Planning Bob Duggan
  - 2000-1 Region 3 Strategic Plan Bob Duggan/Dick Riddle
15. Student Activities Bruce Walcott
16. Regional Student Representative Joey Duvall
17. Area/Council Reports Jim Howard
17a. Area 1/Virginia Council Grove Hargrove
17b. Area 2/NC Council
Charles Lord
17c. Area 3 Ed O'Brien
17d. Area 4/Florida Council Kalpathy Sundaram
17e. Area 5/Tennessee Council David Bower
17f. Area 6 Darrell Piatt
17g. Area 7/SC Council Allen Thomas
17h. Area 8 John Parr
17i. Area 9 Stephen Legister
  Ad Hoc Committee Reports Jim Howard
18. Corporate Communications Bill Harrison
19. E-Conferencing Bill Ratcliff
20. Gold Representative Sean Haynes
21. History Vernon Powers
22. Leadership Development Reed Thompson
23. Regional Life Member Coordinator David McLauren
24. Section/Chapter Coordination Jim Howard
25. 2002 Sections Congress Dan Jackson /
Butch Shadwell
26. Special Projects Vernon Powers
27. Special Review Committee Roy Harris


Help Desk

It is hoped that most problems associated with e-conferencing can be worked out ahead of time by members trying out their software and connections, reading the guidelines, and participating in one or more of the planned meetings prior to the January 18th pre-meeting.

During the meetings, members of the e-conference team will be available to assist EXCOM members who are experiencing problems. Depending on the severity of your problem, use the following schemes to contact someone for help:

  1. Query/Whisper to one of the team members for help
  2. Ask a question in the #ieee3-hallway room
  3. Ask a question on the backup server channel/room: #ieee3.
  4. E-mail your question to the e-conference team at
  5. Help contacts:


Meals, etc.

All meals and other expenses will be your personal responsibility unless specifically approved in advance by the Region 3 Director.


If you would like to contact the IEEE Webmaster, email to
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