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IEEE Boston Reliability Chapter
A Joint Chapter with New Hampshire and Providence



Meeting Presentations

Oct 18 ESD System Level / Device Level Testing Pitfalls and Concerns - Tom Meuse
May 18 From Interconnect to Innovation in the DoD - Livia Racz
Jan 18 Automation Analysis for Class 0 & CDM - Ted Dangelmayer
Dec 17 Trends and Prospective in Risk and Reliability Engineering Research - Mohammad Pourgol-Mohammad
Sep 17 Creating Reliable and Manufacturable RF Designs - Chandra Gupta
May 17 Assessment of Copper Bond Wire for Use in Long Term Military Applications - Rispoli, Lecomte, and DerMarderosian
Jan 17 Advances and Breakthroughs in Radars and Phased-Arrays - Eli Brookner
Dec 16 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers: Technology, Applications, Benchmarks, and Future Trends - James Komiak
Nov 16 Intellectual Property Key Ingredients - Bill Tonti
May 16 HALT in the Product Development Process - Adam Bahret
Apr 16 Chernobyl and Fukushima Lessons for Nuclear Power Plants Instrumentation and Control Systems - Mikhail Yastrebenetsky
Apr 16 Infrastructure for Rapid Assessment of Reliability - Hannah Varner
Mar 16 ReliAbility PhySics Based On Causal Dynamic NEtworks (RAPSODE) - Simone Bortolami
Jan 16 Reliability Growth Test Planning and Data Analysis What Are the Final Results - Milena Krasich
Mar 15 System Impact of Reliability - Daniel Weidman
Feb 15 Recent Progress in Understanding the Electrical Reliability of GaN High-Electron Mobility Transitors - J. A. del Alamo
Jan 15 Class 0 & Reliability ESD Case Studies - Ted Dangelmayer
Jun 14 A Guide to the New IEEE 730 Software Quality Assurance Standard - David Heimann
May 14 Personal Power and the Art of Perception - Leslie Gabriel
Mar 14 Advanced System Level ESD Scanning - Jeff Dunnihoo
Feb 14 Counterfeit Analysis - Detection & Quality Control Non-Conformance Issues, Prevention - Hardware & Data Destruction, Assured Domestic Electronics Recycling - Aaron DerMarderosian, Morgan Deptola
Jan 14 Those Upsetting Ions - Radiation Effects on Electronics - Ethan Cascio
Dec 13 Survivability for Public Safety Networks - Vanu Bose
Nov 13 Class 0 - Who's at Risk & How to Avoid Quality and Reliability Failures - Ted Dangelmayer
Sep 13 Reliability of Li-Ion Batteries - Martin Bazant
May 13 Certainty of Operations: The Origins of Reliability Engineering in Boston's Fire Alarm and Transit Systems - Gilmore Cooke
Mar 13 Electrical Overstress - Many Sources; Any Solutions? - Terry Welsher
Feb 13 Photonic Magnetometry at a (Short) Distance - Chris Sataline
Mar 12 UV Sources and Optics Applications, Infrastructure and Component Reliability - Vladimir Liberman
Nov 11 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, A Risk and Reliability Assessment Tool - Angelo Scangas
Oct 11 Enhanced Reliability through Automated Design Analysis for the Electronics Indsutry - Greg Kittlesen
Jun 11 Dramatic COTS Pro-Active Design Dfx Traced to Innovative PDCA Practice Collaboration Efforts - Darryl McKenney, Gene Bridgers
Jun 10 IEEE RS Standards: Status and Descriptions, and Collaboration Efforts - Lou Gullo
May 10 How Carbon Footprints, Green Initiatives, and Reliability Work Together or Against Each Other - Keith Donaldson, Joe Spitz
Apr 10 Metrics and Databases for Agile Software Development Projects - David Heimann
Mar 10 Risk Management: Proactive Principles for Project Success - Liz Markewicz, Don Restiano
Jan 10 Improvements in Automated Reliability Growth Plotting and Estimations - Dave Dwyer, Edward Wolfe, Jonathan Cahill
Moving Averages and Trend Lines - Additional Comments
Jul 09 New England Lead-Free Electronics Consortium - Gregory Morose
Evaluation of ROHS Compliant Nanotechnology Printed Circuit Board Finish for Pb-Free Assembly - Deb Fragoza, Bob Farrell, and Paul Bodmer
Apr 09 The Mystery of the Non-Linear Increase in Cache SER - Shubu Mukherjee
Mar 09 Microwave Device Reliability Characterization, The Mechanics of Life Test Execution and Analysis - Michael Benedek
Jan 09 Practical Reliability Engineering for Semiconductor Equipment - Daniel J. Weidman

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