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IEEE Region 3 Region & ExCom Agendas - March/April 2003

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Zip file of 2003-04 web space for those who would like to put web space on your notebook.


Held in conjunction with Southeastcon 2003 at the Renaissance Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios, Jamaca. The ExCom meeting will be held by e-conference.

Region 3 ExCom

24/26 March 9 -11pm EST (E-Conference) - Roster - Log 24 March - Log 26 March

Unnapproved Minutes

1. Call to Order Howard
  Introductions of Special Guests  
2. Approval of Agenda Howard
3. Consent Agenda Howard
3a. ExCom to approve the minutes of its January 2003 Meeting.  
3b. The ExCom to receive the reports listed in the Information Agenda  
  Officer Reports  
4. Director's Report Howard
5. Vice Chairman's Report (powerpoint slides) Harrison
6. Secretary's Report Green
7. Treasurer's Report
Budget (pdf, password protected)
8. Past Director's Report Riddle
9. Action Agenda Howard

Reduce Expense B-4.21 Region 3 Newsletter
(reduced from $20K to $12K)

10. Discussion Agenda  
10a. Review of Meetings at SoutheastCon/R3 Conference  
10b. Review of Region Committee Agenda  
10c. Committee Asynchronous Voting Region
(this link is to the motion passed in October 2001 for ExCom voting but has not yet been presented to the Region as an additional mechanism for doing business)
11. Old Business  
12. New Business  

Date and Location of Next Meeting

14/16 July 9pm EDST - E-conference (reports due 7 July)

14. Adjourn Howard


Region 3 Meeting

5 April 2003 -- 1:30 - 5:00 pm
6 April 2003 -- 8:00 - 10:00 am

Unapproved Minutes

1. Call to Order Howard
  Introduction of Special Guests  
2. Approval of Agenda Howard
3. Consent Agenda Green
3a. Region Committee to approve the minutes of its 01 April 2002 meeting.  
4. Officer Reports  
4a. Director's Report Howard
4b. Vice Chairman's Report (powerpoint slides) Harrison
4c. Secretary's Report Green
4d. Treasurer's Report
Budget (pdf, password protected)
4e. Past Director's Report Riddle
5. Special Presentations Howard
5a. Region 5 Eason
5b. Region 1 Alphonse
5c. Technical Activities Board ppt ppt-expanded Flescher
5d. Director-Elect Candidates Hill/McClure
5e. IEEE-USA President Candidates Eason/Alphonse
6. Action Items Howard
6a. Acceptance of Memphis Section bid for SoutheastCon 2006 Hill
5b. Committee Asynchronous Voting Region
(this link is to the motion passed in October 2001 for ExCom voting but has not yet been presented to the Region as an additional mechanism for doing business)
5c. Finance Committee Recommendation (ppt) Fincom
6. Discussion/Information Items Howard
6a. Sections Congress 2005 Howard
6c. Thoughts for the future ppt Harrison
6d. Region 3 Finances FinCom
6c. Corporate Relations Project ppt Harrison
7. Old Business Howard
8. New Business Howard
9. Date and Location of Next Meeting Howard

Region 3 Committee, SoutheastCon 2004
March 27-28, 2004
Greensboro, North Carolina

10. Adjournment Howard


Information Agenda

Items in the Information Agenda will be discussed during the caucuses as time permits. Approval of the consent agenda represents Region or ExCom receipt of these reports. Members who think an item requires discussion ask the Director to add an item to the Discussion Agenda.

1. Director's report Jim Howard
2. Director Elect (Vice Chair) report (ppt) Bill Harrison
3. Secretary's Report David Green
4. Treasurer's Report
Budget (pdf, password protected)
Charles Hickman
5. Past Director Dick Riddle
  Standing Committee Reports Bill Harrison
6. Awards & Recognition John Twitchell
7. Communications Bill Ratcliff
7a. - Archive Charles Lord, Vernon Powers
7b. - E-Conferencing Bill Ratcliff
7c. - Electronic Communications David Green
7d. - Newsletter Marvin Neiditz
7e. - Public Information David Bower
7f. - Webmaster Chip Dawson
8. Conferences Don Hill
8a. - SoutheastCon 2003 Halden Morris
8b. - SoutheastCon 2004 Bill Henen, Chip Dawson
8c. - Southcon Jim Beall, Dick Riddle
9. Educational Activity Pat Donohoe
10. Finance Committee Charles Hickman
11. Membership Development Lee Stogner
12. Professional Activities Operations Comm. Sean Haynes
12a. - PACE George McClure
12b. - USAB Employment Assistance David Macchiarolo
13. Nominations & Appointments Dick Riddle
14. Strategic Planning
Bob Duggan
  - 2003+ Region 3 Strategic Plan Bob Duggan/Jim Howard
15. Student Activities Bruce Walcott
16. Regional Student Representative Trish Davis
17. Area/Council Reports Bill Harrison
17a. Area 1/Virginia Council
Central Virginia Section
Hampton Roads Section
Northern Virginia Section
Richmond Section
Virginia Mountain Section
David Geer
17b. Area 2/NC Council
Central North Carolina Section
Charlotte Section
Eastern North Carolina Section
Western North Carolina Section
Winston-Salem Section
Chip Dawson
17c. Area 3
Atlanta Section
Central Georgia Section
Savannah Section
Chris Hardy
17d. Area 4/Florida Council
Broward Section
Canaveral Section
Daytona Section
Florida West Coast Section
Gainsville Section
Jacksonville Section
Melbourne Section
Miami Section
Northwest Florida Section
Orlando Section
Palm Beach Section
Tallahassee Section
Eric Ackerman
17e. Area 5/Tennessee Council
Chatanooga Section
East Tennessee Section
Memphis Section
Central Tennessee Section
Tri Cities Section
Philip Lim
17f. Area 6
Alabama Section
Huntsville Section
Mississippi Section
Mobile Section
Brian Skelton
17g. Area 7/SC Council
Central Savannah River Section
Coastal South Carolina
Columbia Section
Piedmont Section
SC Council Portal
Marilene Guardia-Baker
17h. Area 8
Evansville/Owensboro Section
Lexington Section
Louisville Section
John Parr
17i. Area 9
Jamaica Section
Halden Morris
  Ad Hoc Committee Reports Jim Howard
18. Corporate Communications ppt Bill Harrison
20. Gold Representative Joey Duvall
21. History Vernon Powers
22. Leadership Development Charles Lord
23. Regional Life Member Coordinator David McLauren
24. Section/Chapter Coordination ppt Bill Harrison
25. Sections Congress Coordinator Dan Jackson /
Butch Shadwell
26. Special Projects Vernon Powers
27. Special Review Committee Roy Harris


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